Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Highlight Sponsor-Bows for Every Princess 2013

This mama is offering a prize that you can customize to be anything you want! Check out her cute stuff here (and scope out what you will choose as your prize!):
What is your favorite thing about being a WAHM?
Being a WAHM is awesome because I get to stay at home with the most important people in my life and make money to help my hubby with bills and diapers...
What is the inspiration behind your business?
Well I am a mother of 5 soon to be six, three of which are currently girls (don't know the sex of the new baby yet) and I got so tired of not finding any reasonable prices for hair bows that were actually cute and after a few times at the store staring at bows I decided I can do this no problem and I started making them it wasn't until my friends asked me to sell them some that I created Bows For Every Princess 2013-the business was named by one of my best friends who says every girl needs to feel like a princess. I also recycle things that most people would throw away like bracelets that break, cupcake toppers, necklaces, basically if it is cute and I think I can turn it into a bow I recycle it. I also save my ribbon and tulle scraps and make bows out of them as well...
What is one thing you would like people to know about your business?
I recycle
Tell me more about the prize you are offering for our party!
I am offering $15.00 store credit because I want people to get the bows their little girls would love...

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  1. I like the butterfly bows :-)

    1. thank you...I have ribbon now with butterflies that matched the one in the middle