Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wool giveaway!

I am a mama who is slightly addicted to knitting and also to cloth diapers. It seemed natural to mix the two-and thus, the wool cover (my version, anyway) was born! I knit these out of roving (sheep's wool, dyed and carded but not spun), so they are VERY soft and absorbent. Everything is customizable and can be made to order. I mostly do this through my Facebook page:
A little bit about me: I have been knitting for over 20 years. Knitting is a way for me to relax, something for my hands to do  at the end of my day and on the weekends. My husband grew up in a household that ran a wool business (spinning and dying yarn, then selling it) so he has some experience too. I think there is a bit of me that might have done better in simpler times. And yet, here we are, in the high tech age. But...some things are making a comeback-like cloth diapers! And wool covers. ;-)
Now, in my opinion, wool is a VERY underrated part of diapering any baby. The care sounds complicated but is actually ridiculously easy! (probably easier than any of your other cloth diapers) And wool is self cleansing-it only has to actually be washed if it gets poopy or once every 2-3 months. If you cloth diaper, you can use it as a cover and clothing in one. If you disposable diaper, you can still use it as a cover and clothing in one. You know how your kid ALWAYS wets the sheets? Well, a wool outer cover can prevent that moisture from ever hitting the sheets, and instead of doing sheet laundry every day, you can just hang the cover to dry, let it cleanse itself during the day, and reuse it the next night! Doesn't that sound easier? It really is.
I will customize anything-I do have some premade items, but I also will make to order. It's your cover-if you want crazy colors, we can do that! If you want earth colors, we can do that. If you want longies, shorties, covers, we can do that. I can add appliques for cuteness (not that baby butts need that much help being cuter!). My goal is to be very easy to work with, get you a high quality product in a timely manner, and make you happy. At the end of the day, I'm only happy if you love your product!
Everyone loves a giveaway, right? Well, here's one to start off the new year right. Let me know if you have questions or concerns!
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  1. I love wool because it breathes!!

  2. My favorite thing about wool is that it's an all natural fabric that can be locally produced from start to finish.

  3. I love that wool doesn;t have to be washed all the time!

  4. I love wool because it is so beautiful and each piece is so unique

  5. I am .loving wool covers right now and reallywant to learn to knit